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Why Doesn't He
Try to FLY?

Video Art

Why Doesn't He Try to FLY is a video based on the idea of being confined. The audio comes from a video of a hurt bee, unable to fly.  As onlookers observe the grounded creature of flight, the question is raised, why doesn’t he try? The visuals for this video are significant to this theme of restraint. The flowering tree is reflecting the flashing lights of an ambulance. The people on the roof represent human desire for exploration. The idea that we should be able to fly and yet in the current pandemic we are confined to our home is presented through the lack of people and creatures in the air. The man leaping into the water, overlaid with imagery of large gatherings depicts both what life used to be like and the yearning to take flight. Though frustrating and trying, the combined effort of everyone as we do our role to prevent the spread of the virus has some beautiful qualities. My choice of audio, with the airplanes, proves ironic during the pandemic and puts emphasis on the feeling of being stuck. As we await the day we are able to venture into the world again, to let our dreams and aspirations guide us in flight in anticipation, I hope this video will provide a moment of entertainment in the monotonous rhythm of social distancing.

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