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Project Yellow

Mixed Media Boxed Book Set

The color of the sun, my favorite fruit, smiley faces, and happiness. The color that inspires and brightens my work. I am drawn to the intrinsically vibrant and joyful qualities of the color yellow. At the same time, yellow is the color of caution, danger and illness.


Project Yellow explores yellow in the tactile world and through human connotations of its significance. Every color emotes. Color vocabularies encompass endless tints and shades and yet yellow always feels most ambiguous to me. While I gravitate towards its light and exuberance, others are repulsed by its anxiety producing need for attention.


Project Yellow is a series of eight books, each documenting and exploring instances of yellow throughout our daily lives. I examine these different views through a yellow lens, adopting yellow’s ironic and witty personality with a penchant for fun and simultaneous danger.

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