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Kamoinge Workshop 

Exhibition Design 

Two groups of black photographers joined together in 1963 forming the Kamoinge Workshop, ”Kamoinge” means working together. Their mission is seeking artistic equality and empowerment.


For the title wall and exhibition brochure I chose a color pallet inspired by the muted tones the Kamoinge Workshop website uses. The pop of red was inspired by their current instagram profile picture and is used to put emphasis on the circular o in the type. This circle is repeated throughout the brochure, symbolic of the way the Kamoinge Workshop is two groups that joined together. Kamoinge means “working together”. These two parts create a whole. The red circle is also used a navigational tool in the brochure, moving from top to bottom of the page as the reader flips through.


I use full bleed images to put emphasis on the work. The photographs are the most important piece of the brochure and create beautiful full bleed spreads. The text is arranged in a single column to accompany the full bleed images. The back cover shows the other half of the red circle on the front cover. My typography and color scheme were inspired by earlier Kamoinge Workshop exhibitions, specifically the catalogue that reads “Working Together Louis Draper and the Kamoinge Workshop”. I was inspired by the clean san serif that felt it had a handmade quality to it.

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