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In a world of constant change and current upheaval it is important to look inward and prioritize your personal values. Feeling successful, whether winning or not, comes from living in alignment with your values and knowing what is in your control, “Your mindset, What you say, How you say it and How you behave”. Finding real contentment comes from within, paying attention, being curious about our higher selves and being conscious. You must be willing to go against popular opinion to do this. In the article titled “How to Survive the Uncertainty Surrounding Us”, William Bridges explains that “change is external...but transition or adaptation to change is an internal, psychological process.” He then describes the three phases of transition, endings, neutral zone and new beginnings. We likely feel like we are in the neutral zone now with the pandemic. This neutral zone though, is a time for renewal, allowing us to be creative and innovative. Here too, it is important to look inward and focus on moving towards new beginnings. Each of these essays emphasizes the importance of being curious, listening to your intuition and living in alignment with your values. I am interested in the idea of looking inward through being more curious and open.

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